Cyber Security Tips

Cyber Security Tips

To report about cybercrime call 1903 or visit or contact Cyber Crime PS


  • Please do not share your bank detail and debit/credit card details (PIN, OTP etc.) to anyone and never keep the card details in writing in any note book or anywhere else.
  • Do not give your personal debit card/ credit card to anyone or share your debit card number (written your debit/credit card) to anyone.
  • Please try to avoid unmanned ATM counter and do not take help from unknown persons inside the ATM counter.
  • Please avoid accessing emails, internet banking, and other social networking sites from cyber cafe.
  • Do not save passwords to email ID, Internet banking and social networking sites in your mobile phone or computers.
  • Do not entertain phone calls, messages, emails which lure you with rewards/prizes.
  • Do not accept friend request from unknown person or foreigners over Facebook and other social networking sites, always do verify their authenticity before accepting their request.
  • Always maintain different passwords for different mail ID’s and accounts and do change your passwords frequently.
  • If someone demands money in the name of availing lottery reward and gifts, then it is a trap to cheat.
  • If you see an advertisement which requires less educational qualification, experience and allures you job with high salary package then do not get attracted to it.
  • If you see an advertisement in the newspaper or any mobile apps which promises loan on low interest rate and minimum documentation it can be lie.
  • Please avoid phone calls which promise installation of telecom tower and revival of your old insurance policy.
  • Please do not share your personal videos/ photographs to anyone even though if he/she may be your nearest and dearest one.
  • Please do not share, like and post materials which are communal and defamatory in nature over social networking sites.
  • Before getting attracted and believing Information provided the websites, please verify the facts of the information and if required take help from the Police officials.
  • Verify advertisement which promises cheap foreign tour packages and other facilities.
  • Verify the website details and SMS received in connection with the Job Recruitment and examination results (like written test result, interview result). If any doubt please do take help from the Police.
  • Do not click to unknown link while using the internet, there is a probability of danger.
  • Always lock your phone with password or pattern lock.
  • Don't fall into temptation if there is a phone call which promises to get your money back for any old Insurance policy (especially a policy that did not run) or any old investment, because it can deprive you.
  • Before buying any Laptop/Tablet for educational purpose, that has some educational software check it out properly.
  • After purchasing a shopping site, you have won Prize, this type of phone call is more likely to cheat you.
  • Do not share your WhatsApp's OTP / Access Code to even any familiar person on WhatsApp, your WhatsApp may be hacked.
  • Verify the contact number that you get while searching for any organisation, bank or hotel on Internet search engine because cheaters are using this platform to cheat.
  • Do not use deactivated or unplanned mobile numbers in your social media accounts and emails.
  • Do not send any kind of money in case of purchase of new and old goods online without verifying it by hand.
  • Do not get lured from business contract from an unknown without verifying it physically. Do not send or help any amount in case of any emergency shown by that unknown.
  • Do not provide any kind of pin or scan of QR code in case of receiving money from any UPI based apps. Try to follow the ‘Pay’ term in those case if you are getting cheated. Receiving of money from someone only needs your bank linked mobile number or bank account number and IFSC.
  • Do not indulge in any kind of gaming apps which lures you to collect money from the game. You may face problem in the later stage.
  • Do not indulge in any kind of video calling with unknown. It may capture your weaker moments and create problems for you and your family.
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